Brilliant and helpful...bumped [my son] up to the next scholarship level. We give our wholehearted endorsement.

Rob Green, National Director of Field Operations, Trail Life USA

I cannot recommend this young man [highly] enough as an SAT teacher/tutor. His character is Sterling...My son went up 240 points and received our state’s highest scholarship.

Nancy Campbell, parent

A Godsend...Whitney would go out of his way to help tutor my son in Calculus. He would put in extra time when tests were approaching and expected nothing in return. I would recommend Whitney without reservation to anyone desiring high quality at exceptional value.

Richard Harp M.D., Upstate Carolina Radiology

We sought out Whitney Sanders because we knew of his intelligence and integrity...Even though he is brilliant, he is an incredibly humble young man!...Whitney exceeded our expectations in every way. Whitney is very clear, informative, engaging, and professional. He is extremely encouraging...You can tell that Whitney has the heart of a teacher and desires that his students succeed! My daughter's score went up 220 points on the reading and math part alone!

Tina Wilson, parent

His knowledge is invaluable both to taking the SAT and when applied to future studies in high school and college...Even after completing the class he provided me with information on Wofford College, where he attended and one of the colleges I was applying to, and wrote two recommendations for me during my college application process. Neither Whitney's methods nor his friendship can be found in a book or an online program. I cannot say enough for Whitney and have recommended him to my own friends. Though his rate may seem expensive, it is worth every cent, and I would not hesitate to pay it again if I needed his help. It is an honor to write this recommendation for Whitney, and I recommend Whitney's services with a six-star rating above anyone else or any other program in his field.

John D., student

Incredibly helpful...[Whitney] has an abundance of information on all sections of the SAT and keeps everything well organized. He has made the tutoring personal to me in many respects, including the pace I needed and focusing on what I needed the most help in. Although it is one on one tutoring, I never feel awkward or uncomfortable, and he is always encouraging.

Catherine W., student

A patient explainer...he'll make sure you understand exactly what you need to know before moving on. I definitely recommend booking some sessions with Whitney before your test!

Matt G., student

Whitney was an excellent tutor. Without him I would have scored much lower on the sat. He is very organized, recognizes weaknesses and strengths very easily, is very encouraging, and all in all a genius.

Gabe H., student

Whitney is one of the best teachers I had, he helped me reach my life goal and bumped my grades up. I strongly would recommend him!!

Alexey T., student

My son's SAT score improved by 340 points between the time he took his first practice test with Whitney and his final SAT!...[he] always enjoyed his time with Whitney and looked forward to his tutoring sessions. Thanks a million, Whitney!

Karen Hill, parent

My son had only one more chance to take the SAT's before all of his scholarship applications were due in the December of his senior year. His scores would determine the amount of money he would be offered. After contacting Whitney only weeks before the test...Matt improved his math score by 80 points and was offered nearly $40,000 more in scholarship money, over a 4 year period, at his top choice university. Whitney's help made a huge impact on Matt's ability to go to this university....ANY time spent preparing with Whitney Sanders is time well spent!"

Kathy Green, parent

Sometimes I would work on a problem for ten minutes with him giving clues and hints, but then when I had finished, I knew how to do it...everything became so clear. I had done a couple sessions before I took the SAT the first time and continued with regular sessions up till the second time I took the SAT. From the first time to the second my scores rose by 170 points and I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone trying to raise their scores.

William P., student

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